My name is Harjot Singh and I help healthcare leaders especially Clinicians in the C-Suite accelerate their success in all dimensions of work and life. I am especially passionate about enhancing the large amount of time leaders spend in their workplaces to make sure it is effective and productive, as well as enjoyable.

I have done a few things since completing my Professional Medical Training in 2004. I am a Leadership Adviser, Speaker & Coach and I am also Faculty at American College for Healthcare Executives.  

Since 2016, I co-created the first evidence based Burnout-Engagement Employee Performance training program for American College of Healthcare Executives. We also have the longest running annual program on Professional Burnout for Annual Congress meeting of ACHE.

I was also among the first team of Physician Burnout coaches selected to work for TheHappyMD.com - the industry leader in the field. I have mainly worked in Healthcare, especially with clients with clinical background.

In the field of Leadership development and Management Consulting, I would be considered a newbie. However, I bring fresh perspective - structured work, precision & responsibility ingrained from clinical background, and solutions focused work.

In my work with my clients, I see myself like a computer systems optimizer.
We all are like operating systems and we don't always execute at our best for many reasons. Think about it - how would an operating system work if it was already slowed down with low RAM, overloaded hard drive, and cooling fans full of gunk? And what if this machine was made for social media in the first place, but is now asked to do accounting? Ask yourself - how long would this computer last? And how long would you wait before asking for help  to get this system to work again at its best?

Through structured programs with stress on practical results - combining coaching, training, and facilitation - I help leaders & managers perform higher, lead their teams more effectively & advance their careers while cutting down on overwhelm & stress. I realize that you have to be the best version of yourself starting with finding out who you are, and why you want to do anything, before getting stuck in the morass of doing it, doing it, doing it.


The number one problem I love to help with is to help healthcare leaders & managers with stress and overwhelm in their lives.
This is a big unspoken pain in leaders’ lives and is accepted as “that's just the way things are”.  In my experience, taking care of stress and overwhelm gives the maximum results in minimum amount of time- by creating space, tactical capacity, & bandwidth to execute. I aim to help you have - “double the impact in half the time”. Imagine if you actually did this - you’ll crush existing challenges, and also be prepared to explore & accept new opportunities to get ahead in your career. The ability to spend time the way you want it, in your service - like designing your own future.

The other areas of my work are
Employee Engagement
Powerbase Building
& Strategic Planning.
The results I help my clients get are - high personal & team performance, high employee engagement and lower burnout, advancing careers, and even earning more money in the process.


First of all, healthcare is different than other industries. Healthcare is incredibly complex, and front-line “workers” often have more expertise than executives far removed from these processes and direct patient care. You can’t expect to lead these highly competent professionals in 21st century with mid-20th century manufacturing management attitudes. Relying on a few experienced "thinkers" at the top of the organization to make business decisions may have worked in the past; it doesn't today.

My methodology is derived from decades of research based evidence & centuries of human experience in Organizational and Social Psychology - Real Actionable Wisdom. It guides the process of discovery, needs assessment, and planning, all of which lead to high-yield action with measurable results. I see this as a major distinction.

Currently, the leadership development field is overrun with a race to find the latest new shiny thing while research tested and time-tested principles and strategies are ignored. For example, are you aware that the numbers on Employee engagement and Burnout have not budged in the last 50 years despite all the seminars and systems and promises by leadership and employee development Gurus? And while there is a new fad on the block in leadership development every six months, research and evidence proven strategies and techniques are hardly being used. Centuries of human character development principles are ignored while leaders and managers try superficial tactics from Internet, or entertainment focused seminars, and then give up when they don't work.


There are three things unique about my work.

First of all, the main thrust of my work is to help leaders find power of their true core-self, and leading from that position of strength. This is different than “massive action” or “leading from a vision” without purpose or direction that fizzles out fast - like how most people give up on their New Year resolutions by January 12th.

Secondly, I am structured in my methodology and work. Commitment to implementation and ongoing improvement.

And finally, instead of quick tips & tricks, I focus on long-term steady and sustainable change.

So, ask yourself - whose permission do you need to start getting results today?

Pick up the phone and call or e-mail me for your free consultation to start getting rid of your problems once and for all. I look forward to hearing from you.



P.S. Outside of my obsession with helping others with high performance, I am:

  • Still a practicing Physician and also serve as Assistant Medical Director at Kingsview Telepsychiatry

  • Faculty at American College of Healthcare Executives and an Affiliate at Center for Influential Leadership

  • Currently living in beautiful Southwest USA with my family, and love to travel with all of them

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