About Harjot


Harjot Singh helps leaders become more successful...faster.  

He is especially passionate about enhancing the large amount of time leaders spend in their workplaces to make sure it is effective and productive, as well as enjoyable.

He has done a few things since completing his Professional Medical Training in 2004. He is a Leadership Advisor, Speaker & Coach and he is also Faculty at American College for Healthcare Executives.  
Since 2016, he co-created the first evidence based Burnout-Engagement Employee Performance training program for American College of Healthcare Executives. In addition, he has the longest running speaker program on Professional Burnout at the annual meeting of American College of Healthcare Executives. He was among the first team of Physician Burnout coaches selected to work for TheHappyMD.com - the industry leader in Physician Burnout work.
In the field of Leadership development and Management Consulting, he would be considered a newbie. However, he brings fresh perspective - structured work, precision & responsibility ingrained from clinical background, and solutions focused work.

In his work with his clients, he sees himself like a computer systems optimizer - kinda like a gunk cleaner. In his own words, “We all are like operating systems and we don't always execute at our best for many reasons. How would an operating system work if it was already slowed down with low RAM, overloaded hard drive, and cooling fans full of filth? And what if this machine was made for social media in the first place, but is now asked to do accounting? How long would this computer last? And how long would you wait before asking for help  to get this system to work again at its best?”

Through structured programs with stress on practical results - combining coaching, training, and facilitation - he helps leaders & managers perform higher, lead their teams more effectively & advance their careers while cutting down on overwhelm & stress.

So, ask yourself - whose permission do you need to start getting results today?

Pick up the phone and call or Email now.  The first consultation is free.

Outside of his obsession with helping others with high performance, he is:

  • Still a practicing Physician and also serves as Assistant Medical Director at Kingsview Telepsychiatry

  • Faculty at American College of Healthcare Executives and an Affiliate at Center for Influential Leadership

  • Currently living in beautiful Southwest USA with his family, and loves to travel with all of them